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SCHMIDT yachting has been known for its technical expertise and high-quality services in the luxury yachting sector for many years. We put all our skills at your disposal so that you can buy, sell, charter or have your yacht managed with complete confidence.

Selling a yacht A partnership of trust

The special relationship between a yacht owner and their yacht is unique and incomparable. We are particularly aware of this and treat the marketing of a yacht as a whole. As well as the technical characteristics, we always take into account the experience, values and emotions that you wish to convey.

We consider each client as unique and we guarantee total commitment. We use our ethics and expertise to provide you with honest and sound advice.

Buying a yacht Yacht ownership, a unique privilege

Buying a yacht is much more than an investment, it is a combination of lifestyle and prestige. The many extraordinary and unique experiences you will have on your own yacht are the very essence of luxury: time to reconnect with what is essential, free from all constraints, precious moments to be shared in complete discretion and in any part of the world. With your own yacht, even the most remote and exclusive places are within your reach.

Charter a yacht Yachts and crews to meet your needs

Whatever type of boat you want, from a classic sailing yacht to the latest generation of motor yachts, we make it a priority to select the yacht that best meets all your expectations. In addition to navigation and service, the professional crew at your disposal 24 hours a day contributes greatly to the atmosphere on board. They can be discreet, friendly or relaxed, whilst at the same time providing a level of service that exceeds your expectations, as well as maintaining a strict policy of confidentiality in all situations.

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